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7/25/2020 5:18 PM  #1

Dave Krumme table shoot new world record score

congratulation to Dave Krumme on his 1.85   10 shot string at coon farm    he won best x and cut seven x     a whole bunch of us were questioning  who would be first to break 2 inches and  what range      now that is settled  
Dave used a Dehass 45 cal barrel and used 2 ff swiss dave had 3 Dehass barrels new in safe from 15 years ago  .i snaked him out of one and shoots great.

  looks like some one will really have to shoot lights out Sunday or Dave will be the Indiana  state champion    
Way to go Dave  .now go win back the low chunk score
bob dagner


7/25/2020 5:30 PM  #2

Re: Dave Krumme table shoot new world record score

thought i was putting it under table shoot and screwed up    can not figure out how to put it under table shoot 

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