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6/04/2017 3:53 PM  #1


Who's going and when? I'll be there from Thursday the 15th through the weekend. Look forward to seeing everyone at the range.


6/04/2017 8:44 PM  #2


I'll stop by, not sure if I am bringing any guns or if i camp


6/04/2017 8:49 PM  #3


Hey Mark,

Weather permitting looks like there will be some from Kentucky and West Virginia up on Tuesday.

We talked about it down at the Morehead shoot and agreed on Tuesday. Don Ross, Bobby Grimm,Sterling Martin?,Ken Lutes?,Bo Courtney and me are all definite maybe's.

I'm going to shoot some re-entry targets sometime during the week and maybe an off hand aggregate.



6/05/2017 4:25 AM  #4


I'm arriving Friday, the 9th. Staying through Wednesday or so unless Thunderstorms run me out.
I'll be spending most of my shooting time with my flintlock on the Primitive range, but will get down to the Chunk/Table area to visit and enjoy watching folks who know how to do it right.



6/08/2017 6:36 PM  #5


Weather was perfect today for getting in a little practice time on the bench and doing  some table shooting.

Been doing a little shooting with my 40 cal. flintlock for the hunter class and my 40 cal open class percussion rifle. They will do their part if I can do mine.

Will be at Friendship several days in the next week. Heading over on Friday to do a little shopping for supplies and visit with some folks  before they head back home mid week.

Plan on shooting the table shoot aggregate on Tuesday.

Hope to see y'all there.



6/19/2017 8:15 AM  #6


Got home from Friendship yesterday, tired but still on a high. Didn't shoot as well as I'd have liked but had a great time. Saw Carl, Doc Fisher, the Swiggarts and some others from Nashville and did a lot of visiting. Weather was perfect, hot and clear. If you didn't make it this shoot, don't miss the Fall shoot. Always plenty of food, drink and good people.

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