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5/16/2016 3:48 PM  #1

Indiana state shoot

Got home last night exhausted, old men get that way, but wound up tight. Didn't shoot worth a darn but had a great time. As usual, Allen and Miss Julia's hospitality was first rate, to say nothing about the feed they put out. Weather was perfect, competition hot and cameraderie (sp) couldn't be beat. Look forward to doing it again at Friendship.


5/17/2016 6:40 PM  #2

Re: Indiana state shoot

Okay, inquiring minds want to know.

Who was able to endure the cold, damp windy Saturday and the sunny, windy Sunday to come out on top and win the Championship.

Hope you ended up with a large turnout and a lot of good scores.



5/17/2016 8:20 PM  #3

Re: Indiana state shoot

Some shot good strings and then we're some who just shot! But a good time was had by all. Bo and I had a personal competition but I'm not certain who won. Robin will probably take great pleasure by embarrassing some of us when he posts the results. You were missed.

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5/25/2016 9:41 PM  #4

Re: Indiana state shoot

I have a copy of Saturdays (14 May 2016) results of the Indiana State Table Shoot, has any one posted the results of Sundays matches (15 May 2016). I sure would like to know what the final results were.


5/31/2016 9:39 AM  #5

Re: Indiana state shoot

The scores for the Indiana St. Table Shoot on 14 May 2016: 1) Bill Disbro---2.577.  2) Steve Buck---3.211. 3) Dave Collier---3.781.  4)Doc---6.744.  5) Mitch Warner---7.235.  6) Jerry Barns---9.180.  7) Gibson---9.477.  8) Jim Franks---9.971.  9) Ron Borron---11.373.  10) Bishop---14.354.    I don't have the results of Sunday's shoot but sure would like to know what they are. I would very much like to see them posted. See everyone at Friendship next month.


5/31/2016 5:41 PM  #6

Re: Indiana state shoot

The scores for the Indiana State table shoot 15 May 2016 1) Steve H --- 3.217. 2) Dave Collier --- 3.681. 3) Richard Henderson ---3.886. 4) Doc --- 5.985. 5) Charlie U --- 6.058. 6) Ron Borron --- 6.605. 7) Mark Herman 6.996. 8) Mitch- ​Warner 7.242. 9) Bo C ---8.056. 10) Lenoard Ashwill --- 9.081. Dick 


7/16/2016 7:22 PM  #7

Re: Indiana state shoot

Was this shoot a 10 shot affair?

It seems that I've read that many shoots are 10 shots, while others vary.  I've been reading about shoot results and many times the number of shots per string is omitted.  Leaves this newb wondering sometimes.

Thanks and best regards, Skychief


7/18/2016 8:06 AM  #8

Re: Indiana state shoot

Skychief.  The Indiana State Table shoot was ten shots. Dick  


7/18/2016 3:12 PM  #9

Re: Indiana state shoot

Thanks Dick.  There was some fine shooting there.

Best regards, Skychief


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