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7/01/2016 5:16 PM  #1

Table Shoot - Coon's Farm - July 2

Looks like it's going to be a nice day tomorrow for a table shoot.

Bo Courtney, his son Jess and I are coming up to shoot.

Hope to see a good crowd.



7/01/2016 6:12 PM  #2

Re: Table Shoot - Coon's Farm - July 2

Didn't see this one coming . Wish I had my gun ready. Shucks!


7/01/2016 7:16 PM  #3

Re: Table Shoot - Coon's Farm - July 2

Was coming over but have a gang coming in to work. Hope you have a blue bird day and a lot of shooters.


7/01/2016 7:26 PM  #4

Re: Table Shoot - Coon's Farm - July 2


Get that gun ready !!

There is a table shoot July 10th over at Round Bottom in Prichard, WVA. I think that is Don Ross' home range.

I think Bo, maybe his son Jess, Tony and I are planning on going to it. Starts at 10:30 am. and it should be a good time.


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7/01/2016 8:02 PM  #5

Re: Table Shoot - Coon's Farm - July 2

Carl will do!
Sounds like a good trip.

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