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6/15/2018 5:00 PM  #1

Question for you offhand match shooters

If your rifle has buckhorn fixed sights and you are shooting offhand at targets with bulls at 25, 50 and 100 yards, at what distance do you zero the sights (center or 6 O'clock hold)?  Do you then aim high and low on the black bulls at other distances.  I have always used adjustable sights before and was wondering what strategy is used with fixed sights.



6/15/2018 7:01 PM  #2

Re: Question for you offhand match shooters

That's what I do sight in with a center hold at 50 yards and then hold what ever is needed for 25 and 100. Usually there will not be much change for the 25 yard range but at 100 yards depending on the caliber and powder charge there may be considerable more hold over. I like a 40 caliber with 60 grains of powder which give me a bit over 2000 fps checked with a chrongraph so the difference at 25 yards is very small if any and the hold over at 100 is a few inches. Good luck your mileage my vary!


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6/15/2018 10:23 PM  #3

Re: Question for you offhand match shooters

My experiences were about the same as Richards. I was shooting a .54cal. with .535 balls, .22 canvas patches in front of 65 grains of 3F Goex zeroed to hit dead center at 50 yrds. It shot very close to the same zero at 25 yards so just aimed dead center there. Now at 100yrds.,  I upped the Goex to 70 grns. and held just a tad bit high of center.
I never put it thru a  chronograph but it shot well for me. At least as close as I could hold it!

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