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6/26/2017 9:30 PM  #1

Lyman Great Plains Rifle ???

I am interested in possibly buying a Lyman Great Plains Rifle, flintlock maybe next year. I thought 54 caliber so it wasn't so heavy. I'd like to shoot silhouette maybe and possibly do a little deer hunting with it. Hows the accuracy? A friend has a percussion model in 50 caliber but he hasn't shot it much so I don't have any reports from him on it. Any comments on the rifle?

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7/12/2017 9:28 PM  #2

Re: Lyman Great Plains Rifle ???

I think it's one of the best production rifles available, and they are very acurate.


7/13/2017 6:11 AM  #3

Re: Lyman Great Plains Rifle ???

Agreed! Sometime the bore is a little rough and will cut patches for a while but when broke in they shoot great. The sights are not the best and you might want to up grade those after you shoot it for a while. 


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