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1/26/2016 7:27 PM  #1

Large bore for offhand target shooting

Anyone got any experience shooting 58 and/or 62 caliber rifles in offhand competitions. Seems like these calibers would be a advantage when shooting a primitive match, cutting cards, snuffing candles, splitting axes etc.  I think Mr. Flintlock, George Sutton shoots a 58 cal. and you know how well he shoots. Would a smaller powder charge, say 60 grains or so  of FF be accurate in a 58 or 62 cal. for 25 yard and shorter distances for paper punching. (I'm not interested in hunting with these or any info or comments on huge loads for dropping water buffalo or elephants etc. Just short range target shooting please)

Thanks for any useful info.

Grey Hawk


1/27/2016 8:57 AM  #2

Re: Large bore for offhand target shooting

I don't know why it wouldn't work it seems to me that the larger bores are not as sensitive to light charges at close range as the smaller bores, just my observation here! I would guess that if you stretched out to 50 yards and beyond then more powder would be needed to keep accuracy acceptable plus a lot of available sight adjustment or some kind of Express sights with stand up blades sighted in the  longer ranges the British were doing this in the late 1700's it worked for them.


One good shot doesn't make a match but one bad shot dang sure can ruin a match!

1/27/2016 2:39 PM  #3

Re: Large bore for offhand target shooting

I've done very well with my .62 Hawken style rifle in woods walks, and 25 and 50 yard offhand shoots. I use 80 grains 2 f for good results.

Great for splitting the ball on the axe, string cutting, etc.


2/03/2016 11:59 PM  #4

Re: Large bore for offhand target shooting

I use a 54, I have had friends that have used both 58 and 62.  The larger calibers are a lot more forgiving unless you are scoring on the center of the ball on paper targets.  The advantage there is the heaven ball seams to handle wind better, but you pay with more drop at long distance.  I use 65 grains of 3fffg Goex OE out to 75 yards and 75 grains for anything longer.  I'm holding over about 10" at 100 yards.

Parkawood -

2/04/2016 6:53 PM  #5

Re: Large bore for offhand target shooting

I've used a 54 flintlock rifle for woods walks for several years. 44" swamped Getz barrel. I like that little bigger diameter ball for those tough woods walk targets.

I shoot 65 grains of 2F Goex with a .535 round ball and a .020 ticking patch. Targets are everywhere from 10 to 75 yards.

Have shot it on the offhand line at 25 & 50 yards and it shoots well.



9/14/2016 7:37 AM  #6

Re: Large bore for offhand target shooting

I made the leap to 40 caliber shooting paper targets.  Paper score went up 10 points and it's a new gun I'm still getting used to and working on a load and fine tuning the sights.  I think it will only get better.  Now steel, I'm going to stay with the 54 for now, but paper I'm almost sold on a 40.

Parkawood -

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