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8/13/2015 5:54 PM  #1

That danged wobble

Got a question for you sharpshooters: Do most of you pull the trigger when you see your sights crossing your point of aim, or do you just except the wobble and squeeze the trigger? All the military shooting manuals I've read and even some advise from oylmpic type shooters say to just except the wobble and break the shot. Meaning don't try to cherry pick. I've tried this and for me it just doesn't work. What works best for you experts?

Also, how important is rifle balance.  Does it make that much difference whether the center of balance is right at your weak hand hold point or if it's somewhat barrel heavy. Personally I've yet to pick up a traditional style rifle that had a COB back near the trigger guard where I, and a lot of others, hold.


Grey Hawk


8/14/2015 6:01 AM  #2

Re: That danged wobble

For myself I just wobble across the center of the target and squeeze as I break away I  hold that and then as I come back across the center again squeeze a bit, more pretty soon it'll go off and hopefully your shot will be close to center. Of course you need to factor in the wind and light into all of this and most if not all of my offhand shooting is with a flintlock so good luck with that!!! I doubt that there is anybody alive that is a perfect steady holder I probably do hold more steady than most people and I've had people watching and remark that how steady my barrel appears to them BUTas I look across my sights they are anything but steady. You cannot hold for a perfect shot every time I'll just wear you out go for a good consistent score and it is absolutely neccessary to make every shot count as much as possible it's those shots that score into the outer rings or worse that really kill a great effort. So don't do it!!! Just unacceptable!! I once over heard a comversation between a great offhand shooter and a shooter that made a bad shot and the great shooter said "IF the sights were over there when you shot why did you pull the trigger?" Simple just squeeze the trigger when the sights are aligned with the center of the target! Nothing to it!!! Yeh-Right. Practice Practice Practice

I much prefer that weight foreward for offhand shooting that perfect balance point on your offhand is for shotgun guys or maybe snap shooters. Does not apply here!

 I should say in closing that this is my method and what works for me and my opinion for what that is worth and that your milage may vary. Good Luck!


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One good shot doesn't make a match but one bad shot dang sure can ruin a match!

8/14/2015 11:35 AM  #3

Re: That danged wobble

Thanks Ten Ring. That all sounds like good advise.

Grey Hawk

     Thread Starter

8/15/2015 11:34 AM  #4

Re: That danged wobble

One thing rhbrink didn't say and I have seen him do very well is pull the rifle down when the shots not there.  If you are forcing the sights on target, you'll end up with a shot that is not your best.  I watched rhbrink pull his rifle down twice.  Slightly adjust his feet and go though the entire process again.  His pacentice and practice is rewarded will very outstanding scores.  The longer you hold the wobble is not going to get any better.

About the only thing I can add, is something I was told and have since proved to myself.  Be comfortable, you may need as many as 100 shots with a rifle to get comfortable.  With the rifle I'm shooting now after several hundred shots my support hand has moved out to end of the half-stock.  With the hold pushed way out I'm seeing a little more wobble than a hold in close, but I feel it a lot more controlled.  You will want to find what is the most comfortable and consistent position for you - build confidence and have faith.  I'm off this weekend's shooting.

Parkawood -

9/10/2015 6:06 PM  #5

Re: That danged wobble

"Pulling it down" is a HUGE part of really shooting well.  Doing so really takes: DISCIPLINE.
Most of us shoot the bull "as it goes by". That said...there are those times when you step up to the line, shoulder your rifle, and getting the target,sights, breathing, etc,etc...all lined up for that "one shot" just isn't there. That's the time to PULL IT DOWN...and start over. Unfortunately..most of us go ahead and sort of "force" the shot...NEVER a good idea.


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Three things you must remember while target shooting. (1) Align the sights carefully. (2) Squeeze the trigger. (3) Say how did it get over there.