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8/06/2018 12:38 PM  #1

Thoughts on a 50 yard table match

This has been discussed several times and came up again in relation to the Bryan Station 4 August match summary, so I though I'd put something in a more general forum.  My thoughts are that as long as it doesn't displace a regular table match, I'm up for it.  50 yards (rather than 60 as in chunk) is almost universally available at offhand ranges, so any group that wanted to do it could.

My only concern was that 30 yards was  an accommodation to aging eyes, and 50 might cause problems.  I've convinced myself that as far as eyesight, the legality of peep sights goes a long way toward making that a non-issue.  Also, the increased distance to post, which I'm sympathetic to, having at least one knee the doctor said isn't worth fixing if I more than skin it!  I have no problem with mobility scooters or can get use of a golf cart!

So, I would like other people's thoughts, pro and cons, even--especially--if you disagree with me.  Would you like to see a full 10 shot table match at 50 yards?  Why or why not?  Would it attract new people or turn off current table shooters?  Give me your reactions, reasoned arguments, etc.!


8/06/2018 5:02 PM  #2

Re: Thoughts on a 50 yard table match

When the table shoot was first started 30 yards was not necessarily for the Aging eyes, that was the value of the peep sight. It was for the Aging bodies that were simply wore out walking 10 60-yard matches. I don't think an expansion of the game would be detrimental. However, I would not look for some of your more elderly shooters to necessarily participate. And I just can't be sure about this. But some of them might give up altogether thinking the game was taking a turn they didn't like. Just my thoughts.

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8/06/2018 9:34 PM  #3

Re: Thoughts on a 50 yard table match

I talked to Robin more about this later in the afternoon.  One thing that would have to be made very clear is that this would be a once a year, special event, as far as I'm concerned and not a part of our regular table match series.  I.e., it's an option that people who are interested in can do, nothing more; there will still be all the same table matches at the regular yardage(s).  Also Robin pointed out that it's perfectly fine for those with serious mobility issues or in cases where a range is not suitable for mobility aids to have someone bring them their target board and rehang it, so they can place their target card without going down range.  As far as I'm concerned that is also an option even at the shorter ranges we normally shoot.  I'd rather see someone shoot than quit because they simply can't make the multiple trips down range and back.

I'm also thinking that 50 yards might appeal to a slightly different set of shooters as well as some current table shooters and get some new people to give it a try (that would then warm up to the regular matches), but I may be wrong about that.  Looking forward to getting more feedback from you all.

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8/06/2018 9:55 PM  #4

Re: Thoughts on a 50 yard table match

I for one dont think its an issue. I will admit that I am not one of the regular table shooters but I for one [if I get a chance to shoot a match] You tell me what I am shooting at, what range, and the rules i will try my darnness to hit it.


8/07/2018 12:06 PM  #5

Re: Thoughts on a 50 yard table match


That's the spirit in which this is being proposed!

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8/07/2018 3:32 PM  #6

Re: Thoughts on a 50 yard table match


As one who enjoys the two shot(one for spotter& one for score) 50 yard target that is shot down at Bryan Station after the regular match I would like to see a 50 yard table shoot done. I think it would be a fun match.

As you said, I would certainly not want it to take away from the regular 25/30 yard table shoots and would hope that no one would think that we are going to change what we are doing now, that is not the intent. I could certainly see it as a one time thing if not enough are interested in doing it or if after shooting it everybody agrees ok we did it but lets get back to our regular shoots. I would think it would be an interesting challenge to do it at least once.

As CCH118 said if I see a match posted and read the rules,I can then decide if I want to go or not and if I choose to go, I arrive prepared to compete to the best of my ability by the rules that are posted.

I really support the comment on helping those shooters with mobility issues that make it difficult or impossible to participate at a shoot. If we can do something to keep them shooting a little longer we should do it. I'm sure there would be several to volunteer to bring their target back and repost it. It might add a few minutes to each relay but if it keeps them in the game then it is well worth it.

Thats my two cents worth,


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8/08/2018 2:51 AM  #7

Re: Thoughts on a 50 yard table match

I had never considered such a match, but will have to add that it sounds interesting. Our ML club:  "Calusa Country Longrifles" is part of the Port Malabar Rifle and Pistol club in Palm Bay, FL. [See:Muzzle Blasts- August 2018]. We hold informal matches on the second Saturday each month and are always looking for something different to try besides just shooting bullseye targets. Come the Fall/Winter when temps cascade down into the mid-80's and hurricane season is over we just might add a 50-yd Table relay to a program and see how we do.
Thanks for the idea.


8/24/2018 6:15 PM  #8

Re: Thoughts on a 50 yard table match

I've gotten additional feedback on this since I last checked in.  The opinions run at best 50-50, with the "nays" more strongly felt/expressed (face to face) in my impression.  In particular, I got the impression that the closer (25/30 yard) target is more friendly to eyesight issues, even with a peep. I myself find this to be true as well with open sights, though not enough in my case yet to be a significant factor. 

I also believe there is a common concern that 50 or even 60 yard matches might delegitimize current ones as standard, ie, that 50 would appear to be the gold standard and matches at shorter distances would be devalued. 

I guess, not surprisingly, the consensus was that things are fine just as they are.

Anyway, I appreciate all the feedback both on- and off-line.  Since the intent of the proposal was only to provide an optional, interesting and occasional variation on a sport everyone seems to enjoy, I am hesitant to push it if it is going to be a source of contention among a small brotherhood.

On a brighter note, pretty much everyone, regardless of their opinion on full 50 yard matches, expressed their enjoyment of the 50 yard one shot mini match (I call it the pot shot: one practice, one target) we hold after the main match. 

So, that's the current status.  Feel free to continue adding your opinions to the thread.

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8/26/2018 5:05 PM  #9

Re: Thoughts on a 50 yard table match


I think the 50 yard table shoot discussion was a good thing as it got some folks to think about what we are doing now and why it works so well. With the discussion over we all will be back participating and supporting the regular 25/30 yard matches we enjoy so much.

I would agree that what ever we can do to keep those shooters with mobility issues in the game needs to be done, target runners, golf carts,etc.

Please do keep the "50 yard pot shot" going at Bryan Station, it is a lot of fun.

Keep shooting,



8/27/2018 11:33 AM  #10

Re: Thoughts on a 50 yard table match


The "pot shot" will stay as long as people want to do it.  I only mentioned it in this context as an illustration that the folks who took issue with a full 50 yard match were in my opinion voicing reasoned and heartfelt concerns, not simply opposed to shooting a match at 50 yards.

I agree that it was an illuminating discussion.  I think the current 25/30 yards is serving well the function for which it was designed.  It is great to see not only chunk shooters but also offhand shooters become passionate about table shooting, because it is "accessible" physically and yet challenges shooting skills and techniques learned over years at the same time. 

Finally, yes, I believe we are all willing to go even further to accommodate mobility issues and the like when the situation calls for it.

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8/27/2018 11:07 PM  #11

Re: Thoughts on a 50 yard table match

Barton … very good post! 

>>>Finally, yes, I believe we are all willing to go even further to accommodate mobility issues and the like when the situation calls for it.<<<
I for one fall into this category with two worn out knees rubbing bone on bone. I could walk out there a couple of times but for 13 I would wear out.

I'm getting ready to post a table shoot here in mid-Missouri for early October. Sure would like to see some of you guy's come over and shoot with us. We'll do most anything to accommodate people that want to come. If shooters have to travel a long ways, we will stretch this into 2 days shooting. I've got to get the range and dates reserved and that's the hold up right now. We're just a country gun club and have an old club house and ranges to 300 yards.

Big John


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