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9/04/2017 8:50 PM  #1

First Table Shoot - Tri County Coonhunters - Batesville, IN

I went up to Batesville this past Sunday to attend their very first table shoot at the Tri County Coonhunters. Heard about it from Dave Collier down at the last shoot at Alan Coon's farm.

The grounds were fantastic with the longest covered firing line I have ever seen. They set up 2 target racks that could hold 16-18 target boards. Bill Disbro, Dave Collier, Alan Coon, myself and 4 of their members were the competitors for the table shoot.

I don't have all the numbers but I know Bill Disbro had the best X with 0.116" I think. Bill won with a 3.827" string and I was 2nd with a 3.887" string. Dave Collier was third but I'm not for sure what his string was.

After the shoot they put out fried blue gill, fried turkey breast and french fries. All of it excellent.

For table shoot prizes they had a table full of boxes of turkey loin, rolls of smoked turkey summer sausage, some adult beverages and some other goodies. They let all the shooters pick from the table in order of finish until the table was bare.

A truly great group of guys in charge of the shoot and to shoot with.

I do hope they were pleased enough with their first table shoot that they will consider doing some more of them. I know I will be back and I'm sure I can bring another 1 or 2 shooters with me.

Thanks to all for a nice event.

Carl King

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