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Table X Shooting, how to

Table Shooting Guide
This discipline of shooting is intended to emulate, but not exactly copy the Wabash Valley shoots that took place sometime from the early 1900s through the mid-1950s. The founders decided to rebirth this concept to allow for shooters, whom for whatever reason are having issues with the prone position involved with chunk gun, hence shooting from the seated position, off a table. This table should be of a height to resemble that of your average picnic table (about 29”). And be straight alongside However, it may not have permanently mounted seats. The intent is to use a stool provided by the range (with the exception of those who have a physical limitation not allowing the use of this stool) alongside, to allow easier ingress and egress from the seated position.
As will happen our eyes sometimes will weaken; therefore we have made some modifications in the rules pertaining to rear sights. You will also notice that there is a weight restriction on the rifle. These exceptions and limitations will allow for older shooters as well as others who have physical limitations to remain involved, younger shooters to learn to enjoy our sport while still maintaining a competitive spirit among shooters of all ages.
It is the intent of the founders of this discipline. To not have continuing equipment modifications to find an advantage in the contest, in that spirit we have decided to not allow patching materials that were not available prior to 1935. (Teflon was not discovered until 1938) It is also their intent that it be shot from a loading bag or small loading box. The intent being the average contestant should be able to carry their rifle and all needed accoutrements to the range in a single trip, and load from a loading table. Our intent is to stay relatively close to the chunk gun discipline. Therefore, all chunk gun rules will apply with the exception listed below.
1). The rifle must weigh 13 pounds or less unloaded, including all apparatuses which will be on the rifle at the time of firing,
2). Rear sights must be of the following: open notch or peep sight. Adjustable rear sights will be allowed on the rifle but may not be adjusted after the competition begins.
3). All shooters will use a common table or tables provided by range. The muzzle will be supported by a pyramid of 2X4s provided by range. The rest may be covered with no more than 2 layers cloth or leather to protect finish of rifle.
4.) The distance shot will be approximately 30 yards at a center X and scored under typical center X scoring rules.
5.) No Kant blocks, sand bags or other devices intended to stabilize the rifle, shooting mitts, shooting coats or wind reading devices will be allowed.
6). Spotting scope may be placed behind the loading area, and in a manner as not to interfere with other competitors, and may not be placed on the shooting table.
Flow of Competition
Thus far we have found this flow of competition works well for our home range. You of course may find that another flow of competition may work better at your range
At the start of the day one or more of the first three contestants would go forward and place their targets in the target frame. After shooting, one or more of these three people would go forward, taking the next three shooters targets with them. This cycle would be repeated until the competition has ended. Each contestant should make sure that the target that they have placed into the holder is placed correctly taking great care not to disturb placement of the scoring target behind spotter.
Each shooter will be provided piece of cardboard to use as a backer. The spotter & X center target is placed on this, backer at the loading area & this assembly is taken down range & placed in target holder. Match will consist of 3 practice shots & (? number) of shots for score.
There is no need for a particular shooting order. There should be a table or rack that behind the firing line, to set the next group of targets to be hung into the shooting position. It should not be expected that you would shoot from exactly the same target holder. Each time, this may very do to another competitor setting your target array in place. And might be considered unsportsmanlike, to request a particular target holder.
As in over the log shooting, spotters will be provided by the contestant. should be no larger than 14 x 14"
The table has been designed with those in mind who have physical challenges, making them unable or causing them discomfort when positioning themselves at a picnic style table.
For further information please contact: mmprwarner, Smokinbuck or Ken by PM or email

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