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10/24/2016 5:51 PM  #1

Mid Winter table shoot

Everyone, I just spoke to Robin and he confirmed that the Mid Winter Table Shoot will be held on January 7th. Last year the weather really worked for us, keep your fingers crossed, that may be the only way to keep them warm.
Hope to see a bunch of you there.


1/05/2017 10:23 AM  #2

Re: Mid Winter table shoot

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen I really hate to do this, but after much thought and talking with a couple of other shooters. I think we are going to let common sense prevailed, due to the cold temperatures forecast for the day of the midwinter table shoot in friendship; we will be postponing the shoot to a date to be announced later.
 As I opened with this was not my first choice, however I don't feel that with temperatures ranging from 2 to 17° and up to 15 mile an hour winds. That we would really not have very much fun. I deeply regret having to make this decision however I believe it is the correct one. If you know of a shooter who does not frequent the message board please call them and let them know sorry for the inconvenience will let you know when we reschedule.
 Thank you

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1/28/2017 4:09 PM  #3

Re: Mid Winter table shoot

Has there been any thoughts on a make up date?



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