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3/18/2016 4:16 PM  #1

Adjustable Iris.

I'm wanting to purchase an adjustable optical device that mounts on a bar supported by ear pieces similar to glasses.Varga is one maker but I can only buy it from a foreign supplier.Does any know of other suppliers or manufacturers?I would appreciate your info.  

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3/20/2016 2:47 PM  #2

Re: Adjustable Iris.

Have you looked at Champions Choice for these? I use a Knobloch adjustable iris from them. 


3/21/2016 4:18 PM  #3

Re: Adjustable Iris.

I personnally like the merit optical attachment. I think champions choice and sell them. It's an adjustable iris that suction cups to your shooting glasses and has its on swivel arm to adjust position.

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