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11/30/2015 4:43 PM  #1

32 caliber for target shooting

Anybody out there got any experience using a 32 cal for target match shooting? I'm wondering mostly how well it will hold up at 100 yards. Can you expect to shoot tight groups in anything except dead calm days? Also, any suggestions for selecting a short barreled rifle, say 28 inches, verses shooting something 40 inches long. Seems to me that older farts like me could do better with something light and easier to hold then what I usually see being used.

Grey Hawk


12/01/2015 9:35 AM  #2

Re: 32 caliber for target shooting

I think that shooting a 32 at 100 yards would be an exercise in total frustration! That's a mighty little ball to keep it going where you want it too even the smallest puff of wind would sent it out to never-never land! Might be fun trying though one way to tell for sure is try it and report back? I do have a couple of 32's one shoots great at 50 yards off a rest and the other isn't worth the effort to try much past 25 yards but I have killed a bunch of squirrels with it though! It never entered my mind to try one at 100 yards.

As for short barrels what ever works for you? This old fart really likes the sights as far away as possible they are just clearer for me. If a long barreled rifle is too heavy maybe try a swamped barrel that does take a lot of weight out of the muzzle end. And I have seen some barrel makers are offering 3/4 barrels these days a .40 cal in a 3/4 barrel would be light I would think? Just some of my thoughts your mileage may vary.


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12/01/2015 1:06 PM  #3

Re: 32 caliber for target shooting

As for short barrels .32 caliber and 100 yards,
Our friend Frizzen, Phil, shot a 32 caliber pistol target in June that scored 97.


12/01/2015 1:55 PM  #4

Re: 32 caliber for target shooting

I started shooting at 32 flintlock back last fall. It has a 42 inch barrel hold gun comes in just under 9 pounds so it’s pretty healthy one thing that I have always found interesting when it comes to win drift it doesn’t seem to concern a lot of people until you get to 40 caliber and under, granted a larger ball with more weight will tend to buck the wind a little better. However, we need to remember that a smaller ball. Also has a smaller cross-section for the wind to effect if I were to start in using a 32 for hundred yard shots. I would begin on a clam day working off the bench trying to find finding out just how hard I could push the ball without blowing out the group. The faster the ball’s going. The less time it will be exposed to any win drift. As for the length of the barrel, the longer the barrel, the farther apart your sights will be. I would not call the preceding an expert opinion just an opinion.

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12/01/2015 9:19 PM  #5

Re: 32 caliber for target shooting

I shoot a 30 cal. Flintlock with a 42" barrel. It's deadly accurate at 25 yards, and good at 50 yards if I do my part. It seems more finicky about how it's loaded than my .54.

On windy days, the .54 will shoot better at 50 yards than the .30. I haven't had much luck with the .30 past 50 yards.


12/23/2015 6:15 AM  #6

Re: 32 caliber for target shooting

I've used .32 and.36 caliber rifles for offhand shooting for almost 30 years.  I've shot some good scores with them too.  I typically use 20 grains fffg in a .32 barrel at 25-50 yards, and double the charge to 40 grains at 100 yards.  A patient and careful marksman can do well with a .32 out to 100 yards.  A challenge, yes, but worth it.

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