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8/10/2015 4:31 AM  #1

Short starter?

Does anybody make a decent short starter any more? I like the kind that Pete Allen used to make maybe still does? I'm looking for a .54 and a .50.


One good shot doesn't make a match but one bad shot dang sure can ruin a match!

8/28/2015 7:37 AM  #2

Re: Short starter?

Don't know if you found what you need but I have a couple that I made out of stainless rod and drilled and tapped for 10:32 jags. Ball handle, muzzle guard and it's done. Pretty simple and usable for any caliber.


9/01/2015 7:51 PM  #3

Re: Short starter?

I found what I need actually I should have said ball starter. I was looking for the piece bout 2 1/2 to 3 inches long with the cupped end that you would use to whack with a hammer to start the ball into the rifling then cut the patch and push down with the short starter. Maybe this will clear up what I was asking about? Thanks anyway!


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One good shot doesn't make a match but one bad shot dang sure can ruin a match!
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9/02/2015 12:10 PM  #4

Re: Short starter?

Ed Cain makes these for me and others. Cain's Outdoors.



9/02/2015 12:14 PM  #5

Re: Short starter? He lists two calibers here, Has made them for me in .32- to .62.


9/03/2015 7:31 AM  #6

Re: Short starter?

  look up dave brandenberger at friendship  he has all sizes machined out of al .he also has stainless steel range rods  all made up .the best out their


9/03/2015 7:45 AM  #7

Re: Short starter?

The ones I referenced are made of delrin. Haven't worn one out, and haven't damaged a crown.


9/11/2015 11:06 AM  #8

Re: Short starter?

 i had paul griffith make me up ones for my guns. used 1  1/4  diameter derlyon and had him make them 4 inches long  also had him make up long seaters out of same .he made them up 10 years ago and still using them.


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