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3/10/2021 2:03 PM  #1

50lb Heavy Bench PRB Underhammer Rifle

Custom underhammer action of course.  Sealed ignition.  2" octagon x 44" long .54 cal H&H barrel with 1:72 twist and false muzzle.  Includes full benchrest and cover (wood frame/sheetmetal).  Shipping not extremely feasible but will travel to assist with delivery.  Unbelievably nice as any Ive ever seen.  Was unfired best i can tell when i got it and ive only used it as a hobby rifle and exhibitions.  Email/call/text for info and pictures.  I will be at York 2021 in case there's any interested parties....this rifle deserves shooting.

Sold Pending Pickup

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Three things you must remember while target shooting. (1) Align the sights carefully. (2) Squeeze the trigger. (3) Say how did it get over there.