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9/02/2019 8:35 PM  #1

WTB minute man teflon patch

WTB Minute man teflon patch material .018 and .021. He went through a flood that damaged where he made his teflon patch material, currently not making any teflon patch material.


9/04/2019 3:19 PM  #2

Re: WTB minute man teflon patch

Try Flintlocks Inc. Mike Eder normally has several thicknesses on hand.


9/04/2019 4:36 PM  #3

Re: WTB minute man teflon patch

Thanks, will check there.

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9/20/2019 3:36 AM  #4

Re: WTB minute man teflon patch

I'm just back from Friendship. The Log Cabin Gun Shop ( Lodi, OH) folks had teflon coated patch material on the shelf in their booth in the Sheepsheds. I can't say if it's Minuteman's product or not.


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