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6/16/2019 3:17 PM  #1


BA Humbug, good thing there will be a September shoot because this one didn't go so well.


6/16/2019 10:38 PM  #2

Re: Friendship

Shooting wise or weather


6/17/2019 5:58 AM  #3

Re: Friendship

Take your pick. Didn't shoot up to snuff and then the rain. Maybe a little of each before the flood.

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6/17/2019 10:07 AM  #4

Re: Friendship

I shot on Thursday morning and the weather was horrible. Strong, cold ,variable winds, clouds and sun, some rain and drizzle and everybody was freezing to death.

They got over 5" of rain in Versailles yesterday and last night and the creek is up to the bottom of the bridge I was told.

Hope the fall shoot is better.



6/17/2019 4:22 PM  #5

Re: Friendship

I was up uesday and Wendsday, visited and shopped, haven shot for three years now. I did look at the Pedersoli flintlock double shotgun and drooled


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Three things you must remember while target shooting. (1) Align the sights carefully. (2) Squeeze the trigger. (3) Say how did it get over there.